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Thread: December 7, 1941

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    December 7, 1941

    I neither heard nor read anything about Pearl Harbor today. Interesting.

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    Glad history recorded it, else we soon forget. Had a friend whose ship was docked just outside Pearl Harbor when first bomb dropped. He would not talk about it much.

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    I live a few hundred yards from Pearl Harbor and think about December 7, 1941 all the time. For many it happened so long ago they simply can't relate to it, nor Korea, nor Vietnam. It all happened last it's all ancient history to them.

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    Because there are better things to discuss, right about now?
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    I did. I don't recall much on broadcast news but I ran across several articles in newspapers, social media, and content aggregation. I specifically recall a colorized image (or perhaps it was originally in color, but I had never seen it) of a small boat rescuing sailors from the water and another article about the recovery of downed Japanese plane.

    I do agree that anecdotally the coverage was less this year and I expect that is because so many other things are in the news.
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    I heard a few brief news stories about it. And when someone in my class asked for the date, I told them what day it was - always good to remind the younger generation of their history...

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    I remember one year when crew the members of the Hawaii Air Guard's F-4 Phantoms, that were assigned to the Pearl Harbor December 7th flyover, were all of Japanese ancestry. It wasn't planned that way, just happened.

    Another year I got to meet one of the Japanese pilots that took out the USS Arizona. I believe that there were four Japanese pilots in all visiting on that day. The American tourists that were visiting the USS Arizona Memorial on that day, were not told who these men were. The US Park Service felt it was safer to handle it that way.

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    My father was a WWII and Korean war vet, so, even though he wasn't at Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor Day was significant at our house. Exactly 30 years later, it became special for me in another way as it was the date I left country, out of Danang, Vietnam, and returned home.

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    I fear PC has made it so talking about something, even historically significant, that puts another country in a bad light, is looked down upon or at LEAST makes people uncomfortable.
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    Odd. I saw many posts on social media about it. Tributes and such. Not sure what "interesting" means.... is it code for something?

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    Because there are better things to discuss, right about now?
    I think that's probably true, most of my California friends are trying to keep their horses alive and their barns from burning down. Some have been successful, some not so much. So many horses dead and so much land and real estate, homes, and livelihoods gone up in flames. They probably didn't have time to remember the Maine (different history, I know)..... you know? When you're running for your life, it kinda puts perspective on historical stuff.

    How are all our CA peoples doing?? I know a couple had to evacuate. CA people, check in and let us know you're okay....... OKAY?
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