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Thread: NGD 1968 Guild M-20

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    NGD 1968 Guild M-20

    Thanks to AcornHouse....I'm a real happy guy today. I'm thrilled with this purchase and have already dropped the guitar at the Authorized Martin Guitar Service Center for a (1) neck reset (2) bridge re-glue due to very slight lifting (3) new bone saddle (4) new bone nut (5) the bridge plate is very slightly splintering and will be 'capped' with a very small hard maple veneer taken from an antique piano (6) and stabilization of a barely noticeable but apparent bottom crack across the strap pin. It is a long list I s'pose...but this M-20 is in otherwise excellent cosmetic condition. It has some surface marks from picks which did not scratch/mar the wood but which can be seen, it has slight shrinkage of head stock overlay, superb fret and braz fingerboard condition, and a real pretty slab of hog throughout. The luthier says that the bridge (and fretboard) are braz and bridge does not require replacement for the repairs. Luthier was shocked at the age/condition and seemed excited to work on it....though not half as eager as me! Thanks again AcornHouse....I so appreciate your early morning post of this one.

    So there ya go....I'm saving the lives of old guitars one Guild at a time folks. PS...Seller said 1965....but Hans Moust reports 1968.

    I took some photos for you all today....just because:
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    Congratulations Kitarkus!! I can't wait to see photos once the work is done! She ought to be like new!

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    Congrats, Kit! Glad it arrived safe and as sound as it was supposed to be.

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    That is a good looking little guitar, Congrats!

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    Oooo that’s my color and grain patterns love it !
    Congrats ;)

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    Very nice! Super condition!

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    congrats and enjoy! very well snagged!

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    What a nice guitar!! Congrats!!
    Tom in Vegas

    Use the good china. Life itself is the special occasion.

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    Sweeet! No windmills! You gotta' play 'small'. Enjoy yours. It's one of the guitars I miss owning.

    There. I was gracious. Now I'm jealous and self-loathing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedzep View Post
    Sweeet! No windmills! You gotta' play 'small'. Enjoy yours. It's one of the guitars I miss owning.

    There. I was gracious. Now I'm jealous and self-loathing.
    :) Easy to feel here when you see these guys pulling down some sweet guits! Also reading some of the signatures. So I am with you though ultimately I am jazzed for anyone on here getting a new Guild. It is a Christmas-like feeling for a lot of us on here I believe.
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