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Thread: Anyone watching or close too the fires in California?

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    Anyone watching or close too the fires in California?

    I know Davisman is watching. Looking at photos from various sites, fires are around Oxnard too. Just terrible what is happening to our fellow Americans. Very sad. Driving through hell.
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    We’ve had our car packed and ready to go since Monday night. We watched the fire burn down the hillsides all around us.
    Hundreds of houses burned down here in Ventura. We’re going to unpack the car tomorrow; it looks like the fire has moved on north of us. Very scary there for awhile.
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    Those poor horses!! 40+ dead from the fire that swept in so fast there was no time to do anything. I'm so glad to be living in the parched desert. But that doesn't make the devastation in CA any easier to fathom. I know so many people who have the horse trailers hitched up and ready to GO!! TOO SCARY!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by davismanLV View Post
    Those poor horses!! 40+ dead from the fire that swept in so fast there was no time to do anything.
    Oh, I hadn't heard about that yet. That is a tragedy.
    Last month's northern CA fires were being fueled by 40mph winds, I was seeing reports of 60mph and gusts up to 80 on the AM news.
    The mountain passes they come through are creating a venturi effect.
    And a 2 week dry weather model is forecast, all the Pacific moisture's headed far north towards Killdeer's neighborhood.
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    TOO SCARY!!!! IS RIGHT!! Gotta send lots of prayers that way.
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    San Diego has multiple fires right now. Only one is really bad, but the conditions are so volatile anything can become huge in a moment. Friends here and in LA have had some pretty close calls. We knew it was coming, and the firefiighters are prepared, and they've done a great job against stacked odds.
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