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Thread: NGD Carlo Greco "Guild Influenced" 18" Hand Made Jumbo

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    I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Greco on the phone once......and trying to understand him. He had a very heavy Italian accent, but a very nice man with a real fondness for Guild. I wish I could see the pictures, but they won't work for me. Our deceased member "California" (RIP) and I actually met online as we were both eBay bidding on the same guitar....a "Greco". David won the auction and I wrote him via ebay message (you could do that back then). After discovering David was an LTG member we met in Arlington and became pretty close in a very short time, always staying in touch. I never saw his Greco guitar, but I credit that Carlo Greco guitar for bringing us together. I'm sure it's a cool guitar Tx.

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    literally belongs in a museum. glad it found one!

    seriously though, that looks like a couple guits I've seen in a famous museum in Boston. One was an older D'angelico New Yorker. congrats Tex, she is beautiful.

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    She's a beauty!!!
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    Thanks to all for the replies. Every time I go to pick her up to play for a bit I get that feeling in my stomach like I did as a kid while riding my first roller coaster, LOL! West, Sorry you can't see the photos, PM me your email and I will try to send you a few pics. By the way just for common knowledge, I do not plan on doing anything with the finish on the guitar as I feel that would take away from the character of it. She is definitely worthy of being a museum piece but I think that would be such a waste. This old Girl deserves to be out in the open breathing fresh air and making lots of noise. I don't think she would be happy any other way, especially sitting silent behind a pane of glass on display. When I get a chance in the next week I am going to get all of my Jumbos together for a "Jumbo Family Photo". Might have to find a panoramic camera to pull that off, LOL. I'll make sure and post a copy of it when I do.

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    Very cool, TX. Thanks for sharing!
    Quote Originally Posted by Neal
    I am going to hang onto this little F-20 and play it as a reminder that life is sometimes rough, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the damage you accrue along the way defines who you are.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcellis
    Growing old is a bitch.
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    Beautiful Guitar! Congratulations on a very cool acquisition. I have a question... on an 18" Jumbo build like that, did Carlo Greco use a modified bracing system? Sometimes Jumbos employ a "Double X" bracing pattern; three "tone bars" instead of two; or the "tone bars" are placed transversely (ladder-braced style) across the lower bout to soften the "rumble" in the bass notes. It may be time to get out the inspection mirror!

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    Wow, that is one incredible guitar! Congrats, TX!
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    That treasure belongs in Texas! Congrats on the wonderful acquisition, TX!!!!!
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    18"?!? Now that's Jumbo indeed! Congratulations!

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