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Thread: NGD Carlo Greco "Guild Influenced" 18" Hand Made Jumbo

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    I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Greco on the phone once......and trying to understand him. He had a very heavy Italian accent, but a very nice man with a real fondness for Guild. I wish I could see the pictures, but they won't work for me. Our deceased member "California" (RIP) and I actually met online as we were both eBay bidding on the same guitar....a "Greco". David won the auction and I wrote him via ebay message (you could do that back then). After discovering David was an LTG member we met in Arlington and became pretty close in a very short time, always staying in touch. I never saw his Greco guitar, but I credit that Carlo Greco guitar for bringing us together. I'm sure it's a cool guitar Tx.

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    literally belongs in a museum. glad it found one!

    seriously though, that looks like a couple guits I've seen in a famous museum in Boston. One was an older D'angelico New Yorker. congrats Tex, she is beautiful.

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    She's a beauty!!!
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    Thanks to all for the replies. Every time I go to pick her up to play for a bit I get that feeling in my stomach like I did as a kid while riding my first roller coaster, LOL! West, Sorry you can't see the photos, PM me your email and I will try to send you a few pics. By the way just for common knowledge, I do not plan on doing anything with the finish on the guitar as I feel that would take away from the character of it. She is definitely worthy of being a museum piece but I think that would be such a waste. This old Girl deserves to be out in the open breathing fresh air and making lots of noise. I don't think she would be happy any other way, especially sitting silent behind a pane of glass on display. When I get a chance in the next week I am going to get all of my Jumbos together for a "Jumbo Family Photo". Might have to find a panoramic camera to pull that off, LOL. I'll make sure and post a copy of it when I do.

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    Very cool, TX. Thanks for sharing!
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    Beautiful Guitar! Congratulations on a very cool acquisition. I have a question... on an 18" Jumbo build like that, did Carlo Greco use a modified bracing system? Sometimes Jumbos employ a "Double X" bracing pattern; three "tone bars" instead of two; or the "tone bars" are placed transversely (ladder-braced style) across the lower bout to soften the "rumble" in the bass notes. It may be time to get out the inspection mirror!

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    Wow, that is one incredible guitar! Congrats, TX!
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    That treasure belongs in Texas! Congrats on the wonderful acquisition, TX!!!!!
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    18"?!? Now that's Jumbo indeed! Congratulations!

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