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Thread: NGD...on the G312th day of Christmas...

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    NGD...on the G312th day of Christmas...

    the last couple weeks have been among the most busy and insane of my entire life. among the flurry of all the activity, this beautiful 1980 Guild 312 *and a USA made Ovation (from around the same time period)
    wound up in my possesion earlier today. no insane figuring but the back is tight and dark India rosewood.
    rough pics is all I have for now, but this thing is nice! ill have to get back to it soon for a re-string and proper test drive.

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    Congrats Mav! She is a looker for sure, Can't wait to hear the review when you get a chance to spend some time with her.

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    Dude!!! That looks FACTORY FRESH!! At least from the photos!! Wow, congrats..... will life calm down enough soon for you to enjoy what you've got?? Anyway..... Happy Holidays, amigo!! What a beautiful guitar!!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    Congrats , nice looking woods .

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    A beauty! Congratulations!

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    I gotta pull out the shazam video for that one...

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    Nice catch mav! That RW looks darn nice to me!
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    You make me wanna shout! Sha-zam!
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    wow, what a score. other than the F312, this is the only other 12er I would consider buying. Just too many strings for a guy like me, but sure look awesome and powerful. no doubt a strumming machine.

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    Yeah that bad boy looks new.. Nice find and a beautiful 12 er.
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