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Thread: A.D.D. Song writing issues ?

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    There's an app you can put on your phone that lets you lay down 4 tracks. Songs come to me in lyric form first. Then I build around them. I'll have two or three complete songs in my head at most times and sing them to myself. Once I have them the way I want them I'll write out the lyrics. Words and melody usually happen together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neal View Post
    The H4N has a built-in click track to help with tempo. I have not used it yet.
    It has effects as well , itís a good tool for sure but really itís better suited as a simple recorder as far as multi tracking goes its a pain to work with that little screen and side button to navigate on also when you get more then one track going you have start working the editing process so you need an editor to do that .

    A Daw has all that onboard , over all it would easier to work with then the h4n in that regard if you want a better end result . Just my opinion of coarse .

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