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Thread: Well Gawleeeeeeee..........

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    Well Gawleeeeeeee..........

    Jim Nabors passed away today at 87, peacefully, at his home in Hawaii. I always enjoyed his characters. RIP James.....

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    Dude could sing, too! My mother had his Christmas record in constant rotation every year.
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    And then when you hear him sing ....

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    I loved watching him sing "Back Home Again In Indiana" every year before the Indy 500. What a talented man and a great actor and singer alike. Rest in Peace Mr. Nabors.

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    RIP Gomer, he seemed like a gentle soul. And what a set of pipes he had!
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    Loved the Andy Griffith show - still do - and his Gomer character. RIP.

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    I have to give reverence to an early gay who really had to fight (hide) himself in order to survive. But apparently he came to terms with it. Sometimes people don't understand what it's like to be judged and hated just because of the way you were born. Y'all know me. I'm not the waving the flag kinda guy but sometimes you just have to stand up and be who you are.... and for that, Mr. Nabors, I give you my respect and my love. Life isn't easy for marginalized people. And every day you have to be a warrior to gain respect. I don't flaunt my gayness on this forum because it's not why we're here. It's not. But I've found a really nice and accepting home. And I pay tribute to all of you who have welcomed me. Life isn't always easy, for any of us.... but it sure is an adventure. Thanks to you all, and blessing to Mr. Nabors... pioneers and people that I respect. Especially musical ones. I love y'all so much!!
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    RIP, Mr. Nabors.
    There can never be another one like you, talented in so many respects.

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    The distance between his character voice and his singing voice was so HUGE ! After all the other famous folk who have died too young, Jim made it to a ripe old age.
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    He did, John!! And you know, we don't last forever. So if I make it that long, I've 23 more years. Jeeze I hope I can tolerate that. Give me LTG and a couple of guitars and ... I think I'll be okay.

    You know what was sad today, we went to Bandito Latin Kitchen & Bar up near the strip. A friend of mine I used to work with opened this amazing restaurant!! So beautiful. But it's semi-close to home plus I used to work with some of the people that work there and Nikki, one of our favorite bartenders is a professional dominatrix. No lie. She's so cool and sweet and she loves us and so we always try to stop by on Thursdays when we know she works. She talks about her clients and all her travels and then this kinda old couple wanders in and sits down. Nikki asks what they'd like and he orders for them both. Then he hands her the credit card. She asked if he wanted to open a tab.... but he was kinda vague. Then his wife needed the bathroom. She wandered around the corner and he comes over and shows me his card in his wallet saying he's officially suffering from Alzheimer's disease and to treat him as such. He said, "My wife and I, we're brain dead for real so just understand that." I said, okay. Then I told Nikki ... "Girl help the lady get to the bathroom because she'd wandered into the kitchen and all around. So then Nikki helped her into the ladies room. THEN he comes over again and shows me his Alzheimer's card. Okay, I get it. Then while he's carrying on she comes out of the ladies room and is totally lost!! And I said, go help your wife.... "Who?" Your wife! She's lost coming back from the bathroom. So the wife is lost and then he screams at the bartender Nikki, "GIVE ME MY CARD BACK, you effing BARTENDERS are THIEVES!!" and we had to tell him to calm down and that she's a friend of ours and wouldn't steal from him. Then his rage dissipated and then he showed me his Alzheimers card again. "We both have one, he said." So I walked around the bar and guided her over to her husband and then he said what nice people we were. I swear it was such a sad thing and every time the baby cried across the room they both said, "Oh there's a baby here!!" So then Don and Nikki and I started doing that... "Oh they brought the baby!!" And we laughed and finally after two drinks they left and he stopped and said, "You're both really nice people, we come here all the time." And we told him we'd see him next time and did he need any help. He said no.... and they stumbled out and GOT IN A CAR and left!!! I'm sure he can sorta drive okay but soon he won't be able to and that's not my worry but..... what a horrible disease. Kind and happy one minute, then angry and belligerent, and then apologizing and kind and worrisome and then doing the whole thing over again. Yikes. I feel so fortunate to have SOME of my mind left to even deal with this stuff.

    So anyway, sorry for the VEER but this was a very odd occasion and it made me wonder how we're all going to do later on. Jeeze old age is kinda mean, you know? Haven't we suffered enough. Just be kind to the oldies.....

    p.s. - I forgot after HE went to the bathroom, he came back almost immediately and I said, "Did you have time to pee?" He said, "I'm peeing right now!!" Don and I laughed and then he handed me a business card from some PGA gold instructor named Jane somebody. He said, "She's the BEST!!" I said, do you golf? "No, I can't even hit the ball any more!" "So this is a referral?" He said, "I don't know what it is but I have her card and it's really good!" I said, "I'll just keep this if it's okay with you..." and that made him really happy. YIKES!!
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