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Thread: Wood choice for second Guild?

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    Quote Originally Posted by txbumper57 View Post
    The F48 Chazmo mentioned was a Guild Jumbo with a Spruce top and Solid Flat hog back and sides. They were made for 3-4 years in the early to mid 70's.
    I just sold my '74 F-48 and loved every minute playing it. In very good condition an F-48 usually goes between $1000 -- $1400.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Have looked at that one several times and hsve a son born in '74 so a little extra mojo. Hs
    Having become more and more enamored of the F40 body outline for its comfort factor (16" lower bout) of late, that thing really catches my attention.
    They're not all that common and if money were no object it'd be bought right now.
    It is arched btw in case you can't see it clearly.
    It'd be a great change of sonic pace from a rosewood dread flatback.
    Nobody else does maple like Guild, and they've been using it since their first flattops.
    If it's been there for a while, he might be open to offers.
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