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    Pick Two

    A friend of mine passed away two years ago at only 58...the big C. Well the dust has settled and his wife asked my to help her sell off his guitars. She wants her son to take two of them as a connection to his dad. He is a novice player at best, but it will mean a lot to him and her to keep a few of his favorites in the family. She wants him to select one electric and one acoustic. I think I know which way he's leaning...but what would you choose?:


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    The years are close but may not be exact. The tele called my name when I walked by the case...but I do not need another guitar. Do I?

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    Antney, what would your deceased friend have wanted his son to have for guitars?

    A 1968 'Telecaster Custom' in excellent shape is $8-10.500, according to the 2018 VG Price Guide. That's about what all the rest of the guitars are worth put together!

    If you are thinking of the 1972-81 'Custom Telecaster' with the hum bucker in the neck position, they are $2450-3250. That Tele's calling to me, too, but I don't have the $8K (or more, or less) to pay for it! Your mileage may vary! By the way, one of the worst Teles I ever had was a '67-ish Tele Custom!

    If he doesn't play very much, the Taylor's may wind up in the closet drying out and developing wood cracks. I don't know what you guys should do on this one, good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post

    And I like Harry's approach.
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    Continuing on Harry's thoughts, I would recommend the Taylor 510 for the acoustic. When he gets into playing more he can think about a higher end one, but this is a good, serviceable acoustic that will have the connection to his Dad.

    For the electric, I would go with the Tele. Its the best all arounder, and its value will only increase, giving him a nice legacy if he ever chooses to sell. If the family needs more money now, then keep the G&L ASAT. Not a lot of value $-wise, but a great Tele that will still fit the bill.

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    Taylor 510 and '68 Tele Custom

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    Whichever ones feel the best in his hands regardless of cost or value. After all they were his Dad's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txbumper57 View Post
    Whichever ones feel the best in his hands regardless of cost or value. After all they were his Dad's.

    +1. Maybe there's a photo of his Dad playing one of them, or better still playing one with the son in the photo. It seems like that would be a great memory.

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