So while poking around my favorite local vintage shop, I was chatting with the manager, and he pointed out a VOX AC15TBX that he had just taken in trade. He had priced it and was about to put it out. I've been looking around for one of these British Marshall-manufactured examples for a while, and I just couldn't resist snagging it before it even hit the floor.

It's Class A, runs [5] ECC83s, [1] 5Y3 rectifier, and [2] EL-84s. The "X" designation means it came stock with a Celestion Alnico Blue. I've only partially put it through its paces. It seems just a bit more squishy and compresses the signal slightly more than the Chinese and Vietnamese versions, which I would say have a bit more jangle to them. It definitely gets that classic, chimey Vox sound, though, and I'm eager to run my pedal board through it this weekend. It even came with the cover and the chrome stand!

In addition to my black-faced '76 Deluxe Reverb, and Mesa DC-3, it may be all that I'll ever want. . . unless I start jonesing for an 18-watt Marshall too.