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Thread: Finger Picking Nails or Picks

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    I've never tried hybrid picking. It's difficult. How to? Just keep trying until it works?
    When I started as a kid I did pretty much all finger picking and fell into the habit. When I started playing electric I found that my thumb would only go in one direction so I went to flat picking on steel strings and finger picking on nylon. Hybrid picking was a very natural transition for me because I really didn't have to think about what I was doing with my fingers. They just fell into place and I could pick up and down with the pick between my thumb and first finger. If I had a nylon string guitar today I would most probably go back to finger picking on it. The only electric player that I'm aware of who used finger picks on electric was Freddie King. There are probably plenty more.

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    Thanks to everyone for sharing their "picks" wisdom.
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