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Thread: Remembering Jack

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    Remembering Jack

    We all know what happened on this day in 1963....................RIP Jack

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    I was a not-quite-six-year-old playing out in front of our house in Rancho Cordova, CA, and mom called me to come inside. I couldn't understand why she was crying.

    A look at his medical records , and you have to believe this was one tough, tough guy.
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    I was a Sophomore in high school and somehow the news got to us (had to be by phone to the Principal's office). A girl was crying in the hallway between class changes and I asked her what was wrong. She said the President had been shot and my first thought as a 16 year old was and I said aloud, "you don't even know the President." She called me "stupid" and I thought "ignorant" maybe -- but not stupid. Wasn't a very nice thing for me to say. I apologized later.
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