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Thread: Walter Parks on a Fender Jazz bass

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    Walter Parks on a Fender Jazz bass

    Former Richie Havens lead guitarist and a big Guild afficianado:


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    Interesting. Thanks. last time I tried using that much reverb I didn't like it...
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    Nice. Got to see this gentleman perform with Mr. Havens in Sellersville, PA about 9 years ago. Great show overall, though I did feel like there were tunes I would have preferred Richie to play on his own, since I was always intrigued by his minimalistic, rhythmic style. None the less, Walter's solo work was very good.
    On a side-note, after the show most of the audience flooded out of the auditorium, headed for the lobby where the meet'n'greet was to happen. My friends and I hung back a bit to avoid the mob. We were practically the last few remaining in the auditorium when Richie came back out to pack up his guitar. We walked up, he came down from the stage, and we got to chat with him for probably 10 minutes. He was so soft spoken and kind, seeming genuinely interested in the convo. When I shook his hand I realized how massive it was! In retrospect I feel so lucky to have had that experience as just a couple years later he passed.
    Here's a video my buddy recorded at that show, in which we get to hear him tell a little story of the Greenwich Village days:
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    I think your buddy had the hiccups, mellow.

    He hadn't been drinking by any chance, had he? Mmmn? :)

    Yer Pal, Harry the Teetotaler!
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    And I like Harry's approach.
    '66 Starfire I SB bass, '67 Mark IV pear wood, '75 Mark 4 P padauk, '00 Bluesbird black,
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    I think your buddy had the hiccups, mellow.

    He hadn't been drinking by any chance, had he? Mmmn? :)

    Yer Pal, Harry the Teetotaler!
    Admittedly we were doing a lot more than drinking that night 😨😀

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