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Thread: Best rhythm guitarist?

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    Best rhythm guitarist?

    Crank gave me the idea with part of his post in the "Lead vs. Rhythm" thread:

    "Some rhythm guitarists I admire are:

    John Doyle who used to be in the Irish band Solas. He drove their whole sound and really opened my eyes and ears to the guitar as a percussion instrument.

    Ian Neville, one of the younger generation Neville's who plays strictly rhythm guitar in his band Dumstaphunk. Amazing sense of timing.

    Neil Young who also taught me a lot about guitar as percussion - very evident in his soloing as well.

    Bob Weir for a different approach to rhythm."

    Keeping in mind I'm talking about guitarists who were/are mainly rhythm players throughout their career, I cast my vote for John Lennon...

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    I had heard a YouTube interview with John Lennon and in the discussion of his guitar playing skills talked of the importance of rythem guitar and why he felt confident in his skills at it and how it had a big influence on driving the song.

    Jimi was also an incredibly strong rythem player with his unorthodox chord fingering forms.


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    Bob Weir came to mind first for me, when I read this thread title.
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    Pete Townshend and Jimi are my main guys when it comes to rock & roll. Gabriela Quintero (of Rodrigo y Gabriela) is a monster rhythm player. The late Malcolm Young (RIP) was pretty darn good and a fantastic riff crafter too. In the bluegrass world there are too many folks to list here.

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    Billy Gibbons is one of those people that comes to mind for me. He doesn't require a lead player either.
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    I've always admired Tom Fogerty from CCR
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    Iím fond of that Keith guy in the Rolling Stones band.
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    Jimmy Capps--may be playing more lead these days but I see him playing lots of rhythm on Larry's Country Diner--never tries to dominate the song or featured artist. Smooth as a 10 year old slide on elementary school playground.
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    Warren Haynes and Dicky Betts were really, really, good rhythm players, when the other one was soloing, in the Allman Brothers. listen to the live shows from the first half of the 90s. i mean really, really good. Adjustments needed to be made when Derek Trucks joined Dicky. In the end it was Derek and Warren together, but the chemistry between Dicky and Warren, and those endless they were good.

    also just so many rhythm players, I could spend all day commenting on this.

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