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Thread: Upcoming gig and nervous

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    LMG was pretty great too. I was glad I made the first and last and sorry I missed the ones in between.

    So tonight I am playing at an interesting event/format. It is a local musicians meetup group and this will be my first time meeting and playing with them. The format is is a small performance space at a local piano showroom and restoration place. There are 17 people registered and 14 of us will perform 2 songs each then there will be some sort of a jam afterwards.

    I have been playing out in bands off and on for 30 years, but can count the times I have played and sang solo in public on one hand. I have done some regular open mics a bars, but this is different for sure. I am a bit nervous but it should be fun. Planning to play/sing "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen and then if I am feeling adventurous and comfortable, "Lovesick Blues" Hank Williams style... If not I will punt and play "some Dark Hollow". As a friend told me - it's right in my wheelhouse both vocally and guitar-wise.

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    Wow, that's the way to do it.....sounds like a dream get together. What a beautiful thing. Just appreciation in the most honest and open sense.

    "Too busy" then too dead" (or physically unable anymore) and then too "late." Too common.
    Yes, it is sad. The "core" people in that group have all gone their separate ways it seems. I may be the only one of that bunch (other than Don and Hans) that gets on here anymore. but they've all gotten busy with the things of life and have other interests. A couple of them I can't keep in touch with as they've dropped FB accounts, etc., only the occasional email.

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