LMG was pretty great too. I was glad I made the first and last and sorry I missed the ones in between.

So tonight I am playing at an interesting event/format. It is a local musicians meetup group and this will be my first time meeting and playing with them. The format is is a small performance space at a local piano showroom and restoration place. There are 17 people registered and 14 of us will perform 2 songs each then there will be some sort of a jam afterwards.

I have been playing out in bands off and on for 30 years, but can count the times I have played and sang solo in public on one hand. I have done some regular open mics a bars, but this is different for sure. I am a bit nervous but it should be fun. Planning to play/sing "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen and then if I am feeling adventurous and comfortable, "Lovesick Blues" Hank Williams style... If not I will punt and play "some Dark Hollow". As a friend told me - it's right in my wheelhouse both vocally and guitar-wise.