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Hey guys. Now that I got my guild setup and playing nicely, I decided to schedule a gig over Thanksgiving weekend. It's my first in like 20 years. I quit back then because of performance anxiety. But, I want to give this another shot because I love playing music.

Do you have any advice?

I can play pretty well at home, but even going to guitar shops to test instruments I freeze up and suddenly my left hand becomes a death grip claw and might right hand has no idea how to play rhythms (at home this never happens). So if it's that bad in a guitar shop I guess I'm not over this and fear I'll bomb. I'm going to start with some relatively simple songs because of this, but any other tips? I want to get into some kind of zen state where I just don't care and have fun. That's what I keep telling myself. That nobody cares if I flub a chord, etc.
Do what I do......remember it's coming out, so it might as well come out your best (if they don't like it, give them the guitar)......AND drink two glasses of wine and call me in the morning.