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Thread: Humidifier Time!

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    I need to humidify all year round (except for a bit in April/October) - Air Conditioning takes moisture out of the air, too. I run a large room humidifier in the music room and a whole House attached to the furnace.
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    I use an Oasis humidifier and a soap-dish/sponge in each of my cases; Oasis in sound hole, soap dish behind headstock. I had been using a hygrometer only in my D40 case, as I figured that with similar case construction the readings should be about the same for all.

    Then I decided to splurge on an second hygrometer for my DV52 case (Way to go, big spender)!

    Surprise - considerable difference: 48% in D40, 42% in DV52. Same Oasis/soap dish in each.

    So, let's first check the basics… Put both hygrometers side-by-side in the same case. Readings were within 2%. OK, close enough. Possibly case construction? I then returned both hygrometers to their respective cases, placing each in the same exact location - under the strings, next to the bridge.

    Readings now almost identical! So it seems that when the meters are on storage compartment as opposed to on the body there is a considerable difference in cases.

    Verrry interesting. So, placement seems to be important. Where do you guys measure humidity (in case)?

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    Running the a/c 75% of the year (at least) sucks moisture out of the air like crazy. My two whole house humidifiers run 24/7. This past month has given them a little break when we're neither heating or cooling, but it's still a bit dry. This morning the heat kicked in so now I have to order new humidifier wicks before it gets really cold here. 41 this morning.
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    New to all this--Have a dehumidifier in a finished half basement and humidity stays at 60% plus or minus 2%. Is that a "no no" or "should be OK?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    New to all this--Have a dehumidifier in a finished half basement and humidity stays at 60% plus or minus 2%. Is that a "no no" or "should be OK?"
    I recall that the recommended range is 40-50%. With no other data I would be inclined to dehumidify just a bit more or not store the guitars in the basement. If you are going to do it right, the humidity should be measured in the case. If you are lazy, like me, measuring the humidity in the room should be close enough but using a measurement from another room or floor is probably not helpful.
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    Thanks frono and will do

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