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Thread: Guild Guitar recommendation for children beginning lessons

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    Guild Guitar recommendation for children beginning lessons

    Have a grandson in first grade who is taking piano lessons. He loves music and talks about guitar lessons next. When he visits TN for Christmas, I will let him sit and make sounds on any of my three guitars (to me none of the three are as special as he is) he wishes to enjoy. My question is what Guild and what strings for him when and "if" he begins taking lessons next summer? Any good patient teachers in Falls Church, VA you would recommend?
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    I'd suggest a smaller body -20 for ergonomics. PM me in a year and I'll see if my former teacher is interested in a student that young. I wonder if Grandpa's Pride is getting ahead of itself :-)
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    This space available.

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    No doubt your last sentence is correct! Always thought, "pretty poor mule that wouldn't brag on his on stable." lol

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    Good on you. Never too early IMHO to get those young un's involved. Wish I would have started in the 1st grade. I'd likely still suck but maybe not quite so bad.
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    If Guild made a cigar box, that would be the way to go. I sent one to my grandkids in Japan. Got it from Elder. They play with it more than they play it.

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    I found an inexpensive First Act (REALLY inexpensive) for my grandson, and it actually works pretty well, plays easily and is perfect for a kid. I tuned it to an open "D" so he could be more successful at playing. It's pretty small guitar, good for smaller hands. Once he starts really getting after it, I will get him a nicer guitar. Or he'll inherit one of mine.

    It's actually kinda fun playing the Blues on this little thing...
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    I agree that the small-bodied acoustics from Guild's new or older series used would be good choices. They're very easy to hold for smaller people. If you can find a used M-120 or an affordably priced M-240E from the Westerly Series would both work well and are pretty high-quality starters.

    If you need to be more budget conscious, I think the best value-to-quality guitars are any of the Godin Series lines: Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, or La Patrie guitars. Depending on age and size, any parlor, concert, or orchestra size should work well.

    Personally, though, the Guild's are definitely worth the money and will last from early years to intermediate level.
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    There is a 240e in the Nashville craigslist that I will check on when we return from Falls Church.
    Would nylon strings be better than steel or steel only on 240e. Just thinking about tender fingertips and desire to practice.
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    You can look at the F20/M20 series from westerly or the newer made in china versions for good solid guitars to start with. Something I would seriously consider is the new Guild Junior Jumbo as it has a shorter than normal scale at 23.75 inches which means it takes less string tension to reach pitch which is easier on the fingers for a beginner. It has a relatively same body size as the 240E with the choice of Maple or Mahogany arched back and sides. The absence of internal back bracing also makes the guitar lighter which will be easier on him. You can find them new in either Hog or Maple back and sides for around $350 MAP pricing and used for around $250. I would also consider some coated light or extra light strings to get him started as the coating normally is easier on the fingers and allows for much longer periods between string changes. Just a suggestion as always but if I were in your shoes I would definitely consider the Junior Jumbo. Here is the link to Guilds page.

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    Thanks and I do like the looks of the Junior Jumbo and suggestions on strings.

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