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Thread: Less than a "Gig," more than an "Open mic"...

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    Well done!

    (Tough having to choose between playing a DV-72 and playing a DV-73, I imagine).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffcoop View Post
    Tough having to choose between playing a DV-72 and playing a DV-73, I imagine.
    Even tougher... the choice is always between the DV-73, turquoise DV-72, and malachite DV-72 MK! Definitely a first world problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by idealassets View Post
    That's great with just a 4x6 card. That's what it was like in the 70's when I made money at this, you didn't ever use a song sheet. However today nearly everyone walks in with a 3" thick binder that has all their song sheets in it.
    First off, I have to say congrats to the OP for the 35 minute solo performance. That's a nice accomplishment.

    Regarding the binders/IPADs/cheat sheets that have blossomed on stage in recent years, I find it a bit odd. If I put my mind to it, I can memorize chords and lyrics to almost anything. Granted, I ain't playing Mahavishnu Orchestra material.
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