Happy Labor/Labour Day, I think it's the only non-religious holiday the US and Canada share, oh wait, I guess New Year's Day would be also. Don't drink and drive.
Anybody using this amp with both acoustic and electric guitars with no effects pedals? I read a response to the AG Mag review where someone used it with acoustic as well as Gibson Tal Farlow and Epi Joe Pass and was happy. I'd be using it with acoustic guitar, different pickups, and probably my AA with the DeArmond 1100 or my Epi Howard Roberts with the Korean Kent Armstrong, both of the latter I think of as more acoustic than electric. At less than 15 lbs, this amp fits my current physical state. I gave away my Strawberry Blonde and Ampeg Revererocket because I couldn't deal with their weight any more.
Also open to any other suggestions for under 20 lb. amps that might fill the bill.