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Thread: Another potential platform for Bi-Sonics?

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    Another potential platform for Bi-Sonics?

    This looks interesting. I've always kind of liked the Fender Starcaster re-issue "look". This would be more expensive, but would give you input into specifying custom options like woods and colors and would also be supporting jobs here in the USA. I'd like to stuff Bi-Sonics into one:

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    Agreed: I'd probably buy a new, Emerald Green SF-II first...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minnesota Flats View Post
    Agreed: I'd probably buy a new, Emerald Green SF-II first...
    Which Guild is now advertising to the general public, as available. Find your dealer and see how long eh wait is :-)
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    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

    '67 Starfire I Bass (Cherry)
    '71 JS II Bass (Walnut)
    '82 B-50 Acoustic Bass (Natural)
    '87 Pilot (Black)
    '13 Newark Street Starfire Bass (Cherry)
    '16 Betts Bass "Walnut Bottom"

    LMG I, II, III

    This space available.

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    I already have an SF-1 and and an SF-II (in natural). My buying a green SF-II would be pretty ridiculous unless I sell one of the ones I already have first.

    I see that the NS SF-II is also available in black and red now, as well as the green and natural. All very appealing, IMO (though I'm partial to seeing the wood grain, so the black doesn't appeal to me that much).

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