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Thread: Bigsby on a GSR starfire VI

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    Bigsby on a GSR starfire VI

    I was restringing 15 of 18 and decided to try the Bigsby B-7 I have had mounted to my Gibson ES-345. The B-7 was mounted to my ES-345 with a Vibramate adaptor witch works great as it reduces the drastic break-over angle on the bridge. I am happy to report the Vibramate works as well on my SF-VI as it does on my ES-345. String tension on the SF-VI feels less then on the ES-345 so I may change back to the regular spring instead of the low tension spring I use on my ES-345. A nice plus is the Schaller roller bridge also fits the SF-VI. This is my only guitar with a Bigsby, it's been on my Les Paul also with a Vibramate as well as the ES-345. The whammy bars on my 1969 Gibson SG Std. and my 1967 SG Jr. just don't do it like a Bigsby.
    thanks John
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    picture of the GSR SF-6 w/Bigs please!!

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    I thought the SF VI came with a Bigsby or Guildsby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Haddad View Post
    I thought the SF VI came with a Bigsby or Guildsby?
    Nope the GSR was only availabe with a tuneomatic stop tail bridge.

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    Westerly made Starfire VI versus NH made GSR Starfire VI (only 18 made):


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