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Thread: Advice on buying a vintage Guild

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnut View Post
    Try to find a DV-52 in good condition.
    Dreadnut's right. For the price of the D-50 I mentioned earlier, you can get a DV-52, and they are a cut above of the D-50.
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    And / or, a late-model DV-6. Hadn't thought about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cohen View Post
    Hi Troy,
    Here's a link to what appears to be a vintage D - 50 in very good condition in the northern Virginia area, at a fair price of $1,100. I have no connection to the seller.

    I'm thinking it is closer to Baltimore than DC. Just as well since being an enabler would be difficult with "NO third party sales".
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    This space available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazmo View Post
    And / or, a late-model DV-6. Hadn't thought about that.
    Westerlys were 'hog, and Tacomas were rosewood, but don't forget the very late ones were made in Mexico in Fender's Ensenada facility.
    When introduced in Westerly it was actually filled the D40 slot for awhile, which was on hiatus for some reason..
    It filled the D50 "Standard" slot in Tacoma when Tacoma went to adi-topped D50 Bluegrass Specials.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chazmo View Post
    And / or, a late-model DV-6. Hadn't thought about that.
    Tacoma DV-6 = dreadnought rosewood back and sides. Around$650-$900 and good values. Westerly DV-6 =dreadnought mahogany back and sides around same price point. Stay away from the made in Mexico DV-6.

    Westerly DV-6 , D-40, and D-6 are all mahogany dreads. There's also the D-35, another mahogany dread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cohen View Post
    Dreadnut's right. For the price of the D-50 I mentioned earlier, you can get a DV-52, and they are a cut above of the D-50.
    Mostly correct, until they quit making DV-52's, then at some point they started producing upgraded D-50's with the DV-52 parts and specs - scalloped top bracing, ebony bridge, ebony fingerboard, ebony headstock overlay, abalone soundhole purfling...
    The Tacoma-built D-50's are real gems.
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    I'm partial to pre 73 mahogany/spruce dreads. If you could pick one up and then a later Westerly, you would find out how much lighter they are. They are also likely to need some work. Can't have it both ways.

    Then again, a D 55 is a sweet guitar.

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    Find a 63/64 Braz 1 3/4 and you will never look back, pricey in exec. condition but it will be better and cheaper then a Gibson/Martin with more vibe.

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    Stop confusing the boy...I have never known a d50 owner whoever thought he should have bought another model or brand. Do yourself a favor and try one out

    Uncle tony

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    Amen Uncle Tony. I've owned (I think) every model mentioned but I agree with your D 50 assessment. (I wish you were really my Uncle)
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