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Thread: NGD!! Non-Guild Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp View Post
    Now I'm curious about the bracing under the top. More research!
    You got me wondering if it was a "floating X" and a trip to the Breedlove site shows the "Breedlove Bridge Truss" with their claim that it allows the top to vibrate more freely.
    Looks like their take on the "Bridge Doctor" I asked Tom about earlier, and seems to imply it's a standard feature, so Tom you might want to look inside your guitar one more time?
    There was also some verbiage about the lengths they went to to get the tops as thin as possible and even sized the soundhole to get their target ideal resonant range.
    I'm recapping casually here and don't mean to imply I distrust the marketing verbiage, it all sounds quite reasonable, but couldn't find any mention of bracing.
    There was video I didn't watch that might go into it.
    Y'know what, on double checking the site, I see I didn't see all the photos.
    Here's one titled "graduated top" showing obvious scalloped braces, under the "USA-Distinctive Elements" headers:
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    My wife's got the same guitar (wonderful guitar BTW) they didnt put a truss (bridge dr) in their Oregon Concert models
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    Congrats Tomas! A blue one!

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    nice Tom, and congrats! i have gotten seriously hooked up thru this forum as well, as many of us have. it's a great feeling isnt it!

    blue is also my favorite color! I own a beautiful blue telecaster that my friend built and painted it with the paint he used on a 50s Chevy.

    enjoy the Breedlove! you have been after that one for a while. she is beautiful!

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    I love me some blue as well.

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    Both stunning guitars, GAD!! I especially like the black hardware against the blue background, you know? Yup, I do!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    I wish it was easier to post photos here.
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