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Thread: What are our alternatives to photobucket?

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    Thanks, everyone!

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    I'm late to this party, imgur I tried posting from here it did not work neither did Dropbox or google .

    I understand that the pay options are out there but honestly and I say this to who ever runs/owns LTG that I and possibly others might rather pay a bit to the forum for photo storing capabilities if necessary. My other music site has the option and always did never did storage issues come up as a money issue and one guy goes it all and no he's not rich lol
    There is a image limit if 5 per post that's it .

    As I read the posts those talking about all the photos/data lost over the years because of sharing sites all going Big brother on us . It makes sense as well as being beneficial for LTG to opt in to providing direct uploading of images .

    Just my 2 cents . :)

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    Thanks, Ray. I've meant to speak with Don about this. I'm not sure if he's coming to Arlington this year, but if he is I'll bring it up. I appreciate the feedback, but I wouldn't have high expectations on this. I'd suggest figuring out imgur for the moment and proceeding that way.
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    Posted from imgur.

    Medium thumbnail.

    Large thumbnail.

    Huge thumbnail.

    Original size.

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