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    Guild 66-J

    Let me start off by saying I'm in love with this amp. The tremolo works great and I like the overall sound for jazz. the amp seems to be in good working order w/ original speaker. One question I have for some people on this form is what is the value of this amp. After reading some other posts I feel like I got had price wise when I bought this. I guess price doesn't matter as much anymore since I've already paid for it. I bought it at a boutique style place and they did a lot of work on it to make sure everything was functioning. There is also a 3 month warranty of sorts in case anything happens. 1300 seems a bit steep no? Curious to know what other people think of the value just so I know what I've actually got. Even if I did get taken on the price still happy with the sound and the fact I can use this amp daily knowing its going to function fine. I would post pics in here but I just registered and could not figure out how. Aloha Joe referred me on here after he seen my post on jazz here is a link to that post w/ pictures

    Thanks for the info.

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    Welcome Keltee! To post pics, you need to host them on a site like Photobucket, or the like, and then link to them here.

    I have the brother to your 66-J, the 99-J, and it's also my go to jazz amp. As far as value, in very good working condition, $5-600 seems to be the market, maybe a little more for the 50s Masteramp version (as opposed to the grey covered early 60s version.) Of course, availability and desire can alter things in the short term; but, yes, $1300 is about double what it should be, in my opinion.

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    Following you over from the jazz forum. So I'll post the same thing here....

    I've got one from '58......

    It belongs to my trio of very nice sounding oddball little 10-15 watt amps circa '55-60...including a '55 Gibson GA-20, the '58 Guild 66J and a '60 Ampeg R12 Rocket.

    Sounds great......a nice warm sound but responds well to some EQ pedal if I want to "Fender Blackface" it a bit.

    Here 'tis....with an even older Guild.

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    I figured the price a a little high but I'm still happy overall. Thanks Zizala I seen your reply on

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    I think if the amp is in VG to EX overall condition and has been 'refurbished' electrically, then $1300 is only a little high.

    I see them for $500 or $600 all the time, but those are in fair to good condition cosmetically and electrically. They would need $300 to $400 worth of work and parts to restore them electrically. Then they'd still be only fair to good cosmetically.

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    I paid $700 for the one in the photo above.
    It was working well enough to assess its potential but acting up and a little needed another $200 in expert work to bring out its best and make it dependable.

    Well worth the $900 to me and now that I know what I've got, I could inflate my version of worth into Tweed Deluxe and Blackface Princeton territory. After that its hard to put a "book value" on such things. These are kind of obscure, unique and of course quite good looking to my eyes, but what I like best is its a very good amp....and a time traveler.

    Could I easily sell it for $900?
    Probably not.
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    very low supply, together with very low demand (due to the very low supply in the first place- no one even knows of them...) creates an interesting "all over the road" market for Guild amps. on top of that, cosmetic condition goes a long way towards $ value. then incorporate original components such as speakers and tone caps etc, a properly refubished and creammy one, if someone knows what they have and it's all good to go, sold by a bona fide boutique shop all serviced...honestly its just worth however low they will go or however high you will go. $1300 is high but you did not get robbed. "find another one..."

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm happy with it working good and all I have to do is plug in and play. Fixing up an older one probably would have been fun if I understood more about how amplifiers work but since I don't, buying a refurbished one from a shop was probably a better option for me in the first place. Good to know I didn't get completely robbed though

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