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Thread: Scale Length for Late '90s DeArmond Starfire Bass

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    Thanks to all who contributed to this thread! I took a leap and bought a hardly-played-at-all, red 1999 DeArmond Starfire on Reverb for a decent price with DA hard shell case. NGD photos to follow, assuming I can figure out the link-to-hosted-photo-site process. Will start by re-stringing with med scale Chromes, thanks to the reference by Minnesota Flats.

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    I have the luxury of owning one of each. A Dearmond from -99 and a singlepickup Guild, as yet undated by me ( serialnr KSG1200453), and I am in the process of playing them A-B against/beside each other. Quite a nice way to spend time...

    Oh, and they are both red.

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