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Thread: Ngd - jf100-12

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    That is one stun of a gun!


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    Hell yes! Congrats, awagner.
    Quote Originally Posted by Neal
    I am going to hang onto this little F-20 and play it as a reminder that life is sometimes rough, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the damage you accrue along the way defines who you are.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcellis
    Growing old is a bitch.
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    I certainly won't be lacking for company, with all them OTHER guitars in the room !
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnW63 View Post
    I certainly won't be lacking for company, with all them OTHER guitars in the room !
    That was my thought. I spent more time looking at the periphery of that photo than at the center of it.

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    Just an amazing collection hands down! Congrats!
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    The US Treasury is calling to get some of its bling back. You have it all...

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    #1 I am envious
    #2 Cant find good words to describe it...
    #3 I am still envious
    That is one beautiful guitar (and its predecessor is none too shabby either). I would almost be afraid to play that instrument as I would want to hang myself for any little scratch or rub mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treem View Post
    Just an amazing collection hands down! Congrats!
    Completely O.T. but love your new avatar!
    "Time May Change the Technique of Music But Never Its Mission " - Rachmaninoff
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    I like reading your guitar list, then at the bottom is a Ric 360/12, perfect.

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    Thanks, everyone. I just wish I played as well as I collect.
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