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Thread: "In The Garden of Eden"

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    Wink "In The Garden of Eden"

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    My very first rock concert: Iron Butterfly, Savoy Brown, Catfish at the Spectrum in Philly in February, 1970.

    A middle-school field trip arranged by some student teachers and agreed to by our notoriously easy-going school district. Yes, we pulled up to the Spectrum in yellow school buses.

    "Hey, those little cigarettes smell funny!"

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    That Simpson's bit is one of my favorite moments from the show. I love of the organist just plays the sheet music in front of her.
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    I only disagree with this unsupported note from Songfacts:
    "This was the first hit song that could be classified as "Heavy Metal." The phrase was introduced that year in the Steppenwolf song 'Born To Be Wild.' "
    The Steppenwolf credit is correct but there's a lot of folks (myself included) that believe that credit belongs to either "Beck's Bolero" or "Happenings 10 years Time Ago" by they Yardbirds.
    Although granted neither of those hit as big here as they did in England in '67.
    And "Born to Be wild" didn't really take off until Easy Rider was released in '69.

    I still like the tune, even the whole album, though.
    Maybe let's call it the "first heavy metal gold record"
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