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Thread: My new up coming custom build

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    Incredible anticipation ... thanks for the reverse guitar strip-tease.

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    She looks amazing Ray! Can't wait for the full report.

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    You must be a man of great patience - that is looking beautiful!

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    Just to be fair I drool over any good looking , good sounding guitar I'm not picky when it comes to that lol

    Patience phffff it's killing me but only since the progress increased .

    There are some seriously awesome builders out there getting into more experimental builds.

    The talent out there is amazing and if anyone wants a serious guitar a custom build is the way to go especially if the builder matches manufactured/ assembly built guitar pricing .

    I'd like a jumbo rosewood or other back wood 6 next or the F512 Guild I think the jumbo would be a custom though .

    Doerr guitars might be my next builder God and money willing lol

    Tom builds some beautiful guitars as well makes about ten a year .

    A friend has of of toms guitars which is one of the guitars if not the first that set me on my path to the tone woods I wanted .

    I forget the model triple 0 ish small jumbo like but it's Lucky strike Redwood top and Honduras rosewood I believe

    Here's a sample

    Doerr guitars if you like to check Tom builds out out is here .

    Tom also just posted a head stock pic of his lasted build using sterling silver perfurling , I commented that not was it beautiful but also werewolf proof lol

    Anyway Ben is calling my guitar Stealth as well now lol I have to say I m more then pleased with it and me finding the highly elusive Lucky strike Redwood for the top was more then a blessing as the results show . After buying the wood it was shipped straight to Ben so I never had it hand .

    Not to much longer now . Ben will do vid with audio and he's a great player I'll post it when I get it .

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    Ok folks last set pics before there my own ! Lol
    She's done :)








    Some of my worst songs are some of my best music .

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    That bevel is amazing! The whole guitar is just fabulous. Dude did a fantastic job. the headstock is super sharp looking too against the top.

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    I'm not worthy!

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    Sound clips?
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