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Thread: speaker question

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    It probably isn't designed for musical instrument use so take it easy on the volume and the boominess.

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    Yeah it's just a nice little practice amp for when I play with my buddy. No pushing. Sounds fantastic!

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    I put a JBL D-130F speaker in a 1966 Ampeg Gemini II I recently bought. The amp came with a Jensen C15N that had been re-coned with a new heavy ribbed cone and sounded dull and mid heavy like you describe. The difference with the JBL is like night and day. Now to get the original C15N re-coned with a period correct cone. I have been told that original style Jensen 15" cones are out of production but I found a local guy the rebuilds organs and he has 3 original style ribbed cones for Jensen 15's. But it's hard to beat a JBL and it's 4" voice coil.
    Thanks John

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    So what type/brand of speaker came out of your amp?
    Thanks John

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