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Thread: First gigs with me 'new ' D55

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    First gigs with me 'new ' D55

    Back home tonight after a short gig at The Max in Geelong - a venue where I hosted open mic nights some 20 years ago. It is nice to come back to a familiar place.
    This Sunday I am doing a three hour solo show at Van Loons Nursery in Wellington, I love playing outdoors in laid back settings, this one is right up my alley. If my wife comes I try to get her to do a short video.

    Here the Guild will share duties with two other guitars, for variety and audience interest.

    Friday the 24, I am playing at Habitat Uniting Church in Hawthorn for a fundraising and art exhibition launch for the Bob Brown Foundation, in support of a campaign to save Northwest Tasmania's Tarkine 'Takanya' wilderness.
    Bob Brown is a retired Australian Senator, famous for his successful campaign to protect the Franklin River.
    Over Easter, I will be in the Tarkine with a group of other Australian artists, me doing some songwriting and photography, though the Guild stays home for this trip. Proceeds from the sale of works from this creative intensive, will be used to fund projects through 2017.
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    Have fun....wish it weren't such a looooong drive!

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    Play well and have fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    The D55 performed really well today live outdoors, especially on ambient strumming and finger style numbers such as 'A Thousand Years', 'Riders on the Storm', 'Desperado', and The Nationals 'I Need my Girl' etc.

    It compliments my Martin really well, which works a little better for trad rock/country rhythm songs.

    The strong sun was playing havock at times with my electronics and trying to keep in tune, and I did not feel I was playing as well as I could, nonetheless I got two offers of further work from the afternoon so it must have sounded OK.

    This D55 is a keeper!
    2005 Guild Tacoma D55
    2000's Cole Clark 12 String
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    That's super, nrand! Keep it up. I can't recall, what electronics are you using with the Tacoma D-55? If it's factory-stock D-TAR Wavelength, you might consider replacing it with a D-TAR Multi-Source system (which blew the doors off our last Let's Meet Guild event in New Hartford back in the beautiful fall of 2013. You might never play out with your Martin again. :) :)

    It's all good! Congrats!
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