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Thread: Ampeg Gemini 11

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    Ampeg Gemini 11

    I'm looking at a 1966 model. Plenty of wear and such but the guts seem to be in good shape and the price is right. My amp tech says tubes are kinda hard to come by but he can hook me up.

    Anyone here have any experience (good or bad) with this model Ampeg??
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    Yep, a guy I guitar'd with when I lived on the west coast had one of these. His had the blue checkerboard covering. 15" speaker. I thought it sounded, as my English cousins would say, bloody great. The usual funky (and potentially pricey) Ampeg tube complement. Gets nice & rude when you crank it up. If the price is right I'd say give it a shot.

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    You may want to search on the general Amps & Effects Forum. I recall there are a few members who have had one of these. I love old Ampegs from this era. They're highly underrated.
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