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Thread: Unplugged sound in an electric guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post

    I tossed that out there just to see what came back.
    It occurs to me that Roger was after all talking about experiments he performed on Jimi's Strats specifically, although it does sound like a generic assertion about the importance of pickups compared to the guitar itself.
    Don't know what he'd say about how construction characteristics would affect output, but he does have the engineering creds.
    (Remember this guy invented the fuzz box and Jimi's Octavia amongst other things)
    In fact I do agree with Greg, because what he explains is in fact correct:

    And Mad dog's input is worthy of emphasis too:
    Greg's name is Gary, but you can call him GAD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GAD View Post
    Greg's name is Gary, but you can call him GAD.
    Waitaminnit, wasn't it the other way 'round last time we had this conversation ?
    Yeesh, I must be losin' it fast.....
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    GAD... I really enjoyed the videos illustrating the process of pickup winding. Thanks for posting! For a Guild connection, check out video #2 of the ThroBack Shop Tour where he details the Leesona 102 Coil Winder. Apparently, Rowe Industries of Toledo, OH bought one of these machines in 1959 for making DeArmond pickups. According to Hans' book, that's around the time that Guild started featuring DynaSonics on their archtop guitars.

    Also, check out the callus on the forefinger of Abigail Ybarra! That's 50 years of guiding a thin strand of copper wire, while applying the proper amount of tension.

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