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Thread: NS X-175B owners review updates request

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnW63 View Post
    I enjoy my NS X-175B. I have a new harp tail piece that I plan on replacing the Bigsby style bar. I just don't use it for the stuff I play, and I prefer the cleaner, lighter , look of the simple harp. I put flat wounds on it and it has a nice jazzy tone to it. I will admit, I rarely use the bridge pickup on ANY electric guitar I own. I just prefer the deeper tones from the neck pickup. I go back and forth between it and the SF IV I have with humbuckers, depending on the style of the songs I am learning. I find it well worth the price I paid for it. Just a lot of fun.
    If you're looking to sell that Guildsby, I am interested. :)

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    The love affair with my X175B continues. I purchased mine used but mint. They are a great deal at new prices but an absolute steal used. The only work that has been done to the guitar is I had a Pro file down the nut slots to get better action in the first position. There was also a gap between the nut ends and the binding on each side (purely cosmetic) but the tech was able to fill in the small gaps with a mixture of bone dust, superglue, and buffing and the nut ends are perfectly flush and it is undetectable. I also replaced the stock Guildsby spring with a "Soft Spring" from Reverend which significantly improved the Bigsby action. The guitar still plays great w/ pure nickel wound 10's; no fret buzz with action of 4/64ths on the low E @ the 12th fret and 3/64ths @ the 12th fret on the high E. To my ears, the stock Franz repro's sound great. It's definately a long term keeper. The NS X175B is not as refined in overall finish and materials as my MIJ Pro Line Gretsch but the fretwork and overall playability after some minor nut work is scary close if not just as good.....and that's saying alot.

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    Thanks for all the replies, guys. I was not expecting anyone to say the NS 175's were as good as USA Guilds, but I was curious if the initial burst of excitement about having Guild electrics being made again had given way to disappointment.
    Walter, If I had a Hoboken 175, a NS wouldn't get any attention either!
    Guildadelphia, thanks for your detailed review. I'm planning to do as you did, and wait for a nice used one to come along.
    GAD, I remember when you sold your NS175, but I had the hots for a SF4 at the time. Guitars will drive you crazy!
    Shihan= Dennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by shihan View Post
    GAD, I remember when you sold your NS175, but I had the hots for a SF4 at the time. Guitars will drive you crazy!
    Boy do I ever understand that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shihan View Post
    Walter, If I had a Hoboken 175, a NS wouldn't get any attention either!
    I have two.

    But then I'm glad I got the NS one too. With a few mods and tweaks I got it close enough so that anyone in the audience, most guitar players included, won't know the difference even though I do. And especially now with the new CITES regulations, I'm definitely not taking my oldies outside the EU, and I have the NS one for the odd gig where plane travel is involved, etc....

    I've probably said it before, if something like the NS X175 was around when I was sixteen, I would have been beside myself with joy. a rock and roll ready hollowbody with twangy single coil pickups was virtually non-existant then, let alone for summer-job prices. I think all things considered, they're pretty awesome.

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