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Thread: When would this X-700 have been made?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansmoust View Post
    No, they didn't think this was the correct serial number and it was definitely not the intention to substitute the "A" for an "F".

    It was an honest mistake made by the person who had to change the various digits while going from one model to the next. It's too long a story trying to explain how exactly it all worked, but if you look at the various serial number prefixes that were used around that time, you will notice that there were 36 models that had a serial number that started with an "A" and only 4 models of which the serial number started with an "F".
    Going from one model to the next, the worker forgot to change that first digit back from "F" to "A" and it took a couple of instruments before he noticed his mistake. I know that because I had already seen a couple of instruments with a similar serial number prefix next to the guitar that is the subject of this thread. There is a chance that he didn't even notice his mistake and those were the X-700s that he did that day after which he changed to the next model!


    Hans Moust
    :) Great piece of sleuthing, Hans! Thanks!
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