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Thread: gorgeous M85 inspired Polish hollowbody

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    gorgeous M85 inspired Polish hollowbody

    Just curious if any of you have seen one of these before? Looks very nice. I almost posted this in the ebay section, but once again, I'm more interested in the LTG bass community's thoughts and potential discussion on this one, than I am expecting people to jump at the opportunity and buy it.
    The body makes me think M85 for sure (aside from the sound-holes) and the headstock is pretty unmistakable. I wish it were local because if I could try it out I'd definitely consider taking the plunge on this one. But trans-atlantic shipping scares me (both in risk and in cost).
    But what do you guys think? Am I crazy for REALLY digging this design?

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    It's a cool looking bass at a seemingly reasonable cost. I wish the headstock matched the body a little better. But I do like those f holes. Too bad it's so far away.

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    Nice thin profile.

    Why not make a low-ball offer?

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    Tempting, but currently I'm saving up to once again be in the Starfire bass club and am not too far off from the goal!
    Gotta keep my eyes on the prize... and it is a fine fine prize :)

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    I see that some idiot bought it on a Best Offer.

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    Wonder where it's headed!

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    :) Thanks for the lead. Maybe ....

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    Awesome! Can't wait to hear how it stacks up and if it can hang... and.... of course... more pictures!

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    Cool. Will want to hear it.

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    A poorly-packed bass survived the journey. Wrestled on a set of TI Jazz Rounds. Wrestled because the tuners are guitar-sized. Haven't set it up yet, but the saddles are somewhat adjustable and the whole bridge floats so it can be moved. Haven't checked the rod yet but the neck is pretty flat. The neck looks like a Gibson, but does not feel as deep.

    Briefly plugged it in and it sounded nasty, in a good way. If I can figure out how to dial in a little more low end, it'll be my poor-man's version of the 4005 I played for many years.

    Update: without much ado, it is close to intonated. Save for an errant fret (I think or hope).

    I'll need to find a case that'll handle it.
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