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Thread: Help to identify my Guild

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    Help to identify my Guild

    Hello There,

    I would like to get some help to identify my Guild electric guitar. I purchased this in the early 70ties and the pre owner did a lot of mess with it. Due to some repaint work the serial number is no longer visible. The scratchplate was broken and I tried to replace it as goog as possible. Also the inlays of the headstock were damaged over the years so that I replaced them with original MOP inlays. It has an inbuild stand like the S-200 Thunderbird, but the scratch plate and the inlays of the headstock are different. So I'm not sure if it is realy a S-200, but I could not find any other model, which looks like mine.

    Hope the pic will help!

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    Need help to identify my Guild

    Hello Forum,

    I need some help to identify my Guild guitar, which I bought in the early 70ties as a second hand. The pre owner messed a lot with this guitar and due to some repaint work the serial number is no longer visible. Is this a S-200 T_Bird? I asked, because the headstock and the scratch plate (switches on it) are not the same as I see on pictures in the internet. Here is a pŘicture of mine hope it helps:

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    Our forum software can't handle Dropbox. :-(

    Sure looks like a modded T-bird or Polara to me!
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    The cavalry will be along soon so hang tight.

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    looks like a t-bird, but i've never seen one with dots instead of blocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krysh View Post
    looks like a t-bird, but i've never seen one with dots instead of blocks.
    Yes, also the headstock inlays are different. That's why I'm not sure. It's not a Polara. They have a slightly different body shape. Mine has also this inbuild guitar stand at the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Default View Post
    Our forum software can't handle Dropbox. :-(

    Sure looks like a modded T-bird or Polara to me!
    I didn't know how else I could include a foto.

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    Looks like maybe a Polara S100 from '63-69ish?

    Pg 156 in the bible.
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    Well, it has a Thunerbird body and a similarly-shaped pick guard (although that could have been fabricated post-factory), but the neck with the dots, head stock, and the electronic controls look like an S-100 Polara.

    Could be an in-between-models one-off, some kind of prototype, a special order, or perhaps a short run Guild did for some reason (some of you may remember '70's S-100 with dots for fret markers that were made for a music store).

    Without the serial number you'll probably need to have Hans take a look. Even with the serial number we'd probably need Hans.

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    A T-bird/Polara mashup! The vol & tone pots look like they're in the usual T-bird spots, and the pickup selector toggle occupies the mode switch spot.

    This site has a pics of a guitar much like ziork's:

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