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Thread: Austin Powers Gibson ES-335

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    Austin Powers Gibson ES-335

    Now THIS guitar requires purple spandex! Even the back will match beautifully!

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    WOW!!!!!! A bit much for me but I suspect somebody will likely buy it.
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    I get a little dizzy looking at that paint job!


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    I remember the band that played in between scenes in the movies, "Ming Tea" If I recall Correctly. They also had the one song "Daddy Wasn't There". Susanna Hoffs former lead sing for The Bangles played Bass for them. That is a cool little offbeat piece of history guitar. Someone may buy it at the lowered price. Now that I am thinking about it I miss the Austin Powers movies. They were hilarious. Sometimes so stupid that you couldn't help but laugh!

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    Love it. Got the flashback vibe down perfectly.
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    Seller says he can be trusted because he is an attorney...

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    As much as I love this guitar, that's not the guitar I want to learn electric on...... first you have the FIND the knobs and switches and THEN tell me what they do.........
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    Looks like it spent its life hanging on the wall. Look at those frets - that thing needs a good cleaning.
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    Susanna Hoffs! I love black guitars:

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