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Thread: New "T-bird" models coming

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    I'm not sure, but I can call Cordoba tomorrow and inquire. Don't do anything with these pickups until I find out if rings are available, OK? I might want them, as I said.
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    Ok. Also I think you can buy the mini HB as an accessory.

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    Yes, they are pretty reasonably priced too.
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    I like the Funky headstock. The body well...looks familiar. But I like it.
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    I just played a black T-bird at Music go Round in Roseville MN store. Nice shape with the plastic on the pick ups and pick guard. All yours for $600.00
    Thanks john

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark WW View Post
    I like the Funky headstock. The body well...looks familiar. But I like it.
    Yeah! The Jupiter T-bird must've been Guild's "inspiration" a la the SG ——> '70s S-100.

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