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Thread: Steve Boone's Starfire II

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    Steve Boone's Starfire II

    There is nothing new under the sun. This has been discussed before but since my knee jerk reaction is to say the Starfire II came out in 1967 I need to remember to qualify that.

    While I was in college, John Sebastian was gigging as a solo act and got booked on campus once or twice a year while I was there. So nostalgia led me to read a Wall Street Journal interview about writing "Darling Be Home Soon".

    An accompanying picture reminded me that Steve Boon has played a Starfire circa 1965.

    That lead to some Google searches including this previous LTG thread which quotes Hans, in another thread, talking about the bass.

    But Google also turned up this, which is a picture of the bass that I had not seen before.

    And better yet, a '65/'66 era sweetspot SF I.

    In the LTG thread it is suggested that the SF I was in use before the SF II but it is unknown whether they are the same bass or not. Similarly I don't think we know how the SF II fits into the Guild catalog - experiment, prototype, factory mod or what.
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    What he said.
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    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    I am impressed it shows Zal playing through a big Standell amp...LOUD and clean, one of the first solid state.
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    I always liked the Spoonful and had all their 45's when they came out. How cool is it that they played Guild's (Steve on bass and Zal on an electric).

    I happened to notice how high the drummer is sitting at the top of the drum throne adjustment. No problem because he played just the right style no matter how he did it.

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