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Thread: G-500 Acoustic amp- anyone have info?

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    G-500 Acoustic amp- anyone have info?

    Does anyone have any service info or a schematic on the G-500 acoustic amp? I have one for repair with a loud hum/buzz independent of the master volume. I did observe ripple on the PS rails- replaced the filter caps- no luck. I have a schematic for the G-600, but it doesn't seem to quite correspond to the G-500. For example, the G-300 and G-600 schematic show Zener diodes in the PS- but I don't see any for the G-500. Been chasing my tail for awhile on this one- any help would be greatly's almost like this amp came from some weird alternate universe and there is no information anywhere on it.

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    They were built by Randall, iirc, so you might want to scout in that direction.
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    I have one, also not found any schematic. I think they were a short lived experiment before they came out with the fancier wood cabinet models.

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