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Thread: 2000 Starfire, King Biscuit 2016

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    Enjoyed it, too. Everybody was killin'!
    It looked and sounded like the Bass Player was using an Ampeg SVT amp. I remember the days I could heft one of those behemoths!

    What kind of amp were you using?
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    And I like Harry's approach.
    '66 Starfire I SB bass, '67 Mark IV pear wood, '75 Mark 4 P padauk, '00 Bluesbird black,
    '66 Thunderbird amp, '68 Thunder 1 RVT amp, '69-70 Thunderstar Combo, '70 Superstar Combo

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    Hey Gilded that amp was built here in Memphis by a guy named Robert Hinson. He builds for enjoyment but if he finds somthing interesting he'll build for someone. In this case It's a 2x10 combo with two bridged channels, one an old 40's type and the other is the clean channel of a Dumble ODS (so he tells me).
    So its kind of squishy on the high notes but firms up on lows....

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