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Thread: Gig Rig

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    Gig Rig

    This is my setup for stage, reverb comes via an AER amp, not sure if a dedicated reverb pedal would be any better than the amp, guess I could try it out?

    I play rhythm/vocal, guitars are Guild F 512 / Martin D28 /Gibson J45. Yes I F512 through that lot, but hey it saves having another band member.

    Further suggestions considered...

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    I can't help you regarding effects, but the tune on your website is very good.

    Played with a Guild it can be even better.
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    Never heard of AER amps but I looked them up and they look pretty good. I play electric guitar in a band or 2 and I use 2 reverbs...just a sound I like. First is the spring reverb in my Fender amp and the second is a Boss digital reverb pedal. I think that would be overkill with an acoustic guitar though.

    I have the same Line 6 wireless system, but I like to move around a lot at certain gigs. When I am standing, or sitting relatively still I just use a cable. Do you use yours all the time?

    I have a 412 and have only recently installed a pure mini pick up. Have played it through my PA but not through any effects.... I imagine going through reverb and chorus would sound really full.

    What is the pink Ibanez pedal?
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    Hi Crank, its been suggested that I just use the reverb that's on my AER 60 amp, a purer signal, my F512 has a D-Tar pickup. The pink pedal is an AD9 analogue delay, I dial in just a little to fatten the sound.

    AER are amazing amps, it says 60w but sounds more like 100w when pushed and without distortion.

    I do sitting down gigs when playing my own songs, but bounce around all over the stage when performing
    with the band, thus the need to go wireless.

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    With 12 strings, a jumbo body, a bit of reverb, chorus, delay, you must get a really fat sound!

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    Ha, yes that's the idea, an invisible band member.

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