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    EHX Pitch Fork

    Last evening I was watching the latest edition of That Pedal Show on YouTube. It was dedicated to octave effects, mostly of the modern digital variety. One of the pedals demo'd and discussed was a T-Rex Quint, which in addition to the expected features also lets you blend in a fifth tone above whatever note(s) you play. Thus the pedal's name. Watching this reminded me that I already own a pedal that can generate fifths: Electro-Harmonix's Pitch Fork. I'd used it to make faux 12-string sounds but had never tried out its other capabilities.

    Anyway the Pitch Fork turns out to produce very musical fifths when playing chords. Especially simple major chords. The fifths lag a bit behind the guitar's direct signal, allowing that signal to come through clearly. With the blend knob set at 9:00 the fifths add a lovely complex shimmer. Imagine playing, say, augmented 7th chords on a guitar with extra higher-tuned strings and you get the idea. It's been a long time since I've had so much fun with a basic D A E progression. This worked especially well with my Nature Boy S-100 in its out-of-phase setting (bridge pickup volume backed off a notch to add in more low end). No amp or pedal distortion…IMO clean is where it's at for this.

    Well worth experimenting with if you have a gizmo that can do clean & precise faux harmonics.

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