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Thread: What SouthernGuild Has been Up To!

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    What SouthernGuild Has Been Up To!

    John, our long-time member here, has been a bit scarce around these parts lately, but there's a good reason for that. We try to talk on the phone pretty regularly, and as of late our friend John has been completely consumed in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured Wombats. From ABC News Illawarra's Facebook page"

    "Check out John the wombat whisperer, and his beautiful young wombat orphans Leila and Coco. John lives in Bundanoon and cares for rescued wombats, preparing them for release in the wild. It's a time consuming role, and John is totally dedicated to the task. The wombats have to get to 18 months old plus before they're ready to fend on their own in the wild. Even then, John observes them for several weeks in their new burrows to make sure they're going to make it OK. As spring approaches, wombats are on the move. John, and all the carers from the vital Wildlife Rescue South Coast network, ask that you take care on the roads around the south coast and Southern Highlands to make sure you don't hit a wombat. If you do, please stop and check to see if it's alive. Remove it from the road. If it's dead, there might still be a live joey in the pouch, so please call Wildlife Rescue South Coast on 0417 238 921. John and his wombats will be featured in an upcoming ABC Open video."

    Good on John, and I'm looking forward greatly to seeing the upcoming ABC Open video!
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    Good for you, John!

    Thanks, Sandy, for posting this!

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    That's beyond cool! Thanks, Sandy.

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    That's awesome, thanks for the update!! I had an email from John after new years and he sent me photos of him and a couple of Wombats!! I didn't know they were so BIG!! Good for you, John!!
    Tom in Vegas

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    Thanks, Sandy! (And thanks for your work with the wombats, John).

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    Very cool! Give my regards to John!

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    Good on John, is right!
    Thanks, Sandy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adorshki View Post
    thank you for the update Sandy
    ive been thinking about John lately. its a very cool thing he's doing now
    give him my best, please
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    So THAT'S a wombat!

    Kinda looks like a huge hamster.

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