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Thread: It's not a _______, but, it does that!

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    It's not a _______, but, it does that!

    I've been playing through a Strymon Deco now for several weeks. I have to say it has been one of my all time best pedal purchases. Tone enhancement, overdrive, echo, chorus, and flange. Any love here for this pedal?
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    IMO the Strymon stuff sounds great. Highly tweakable too. With guitar I avoid option overload (for example, my current fav fuzz pedal has one knob) but that's just me. With keyboards I love setting up a sequence or arpeggiated pattern and going whole hog on it with effects. I use an old Eventide gizmo and various Moogerfoogers for this but if I were to replace the Eventide I could easily go the Strymon route.

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