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Thread: new amp

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    new amp

    after years of gigging & being happy with my old Crate CA30, i got to thinking i might wish to get something with a bit more power & maybe not need to be miked so much. i finally settled on:
    not as much oomph as i was thinking about but, seriously, with my health the way it is right now, i shouldent need to go overboard.
    im thinking small gigs. i went for the package because it was the same price as the amp alone & maybe i could use another mike? if the stand turns out to be of poorer quality i'll keep mine & sell it.
    anyone tried/owns one of these? curious as it'll be a couple weeks before i get home to really put it thru its paces
    thanks all
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    A great amp in a small package. Enjoy!
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    Good choice! I have had one for @ 3years. Luv it.

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