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Thread: DV72 at the New York Guitar Festival

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    Your music touches the inner depths with its melodies and intonations. Beautiful.

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    Wonderful music, Glenn! I enjoyed it!
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    Great job!

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    killer videos Glenn! thanks for sharing them!

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    Enjoyed your playing, thanks for the link!
    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post

    And I like Harry's approach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wileypickett View Post
    Me and my Guild DV72 at the New York Guitar Festival this year.

    I'd just come back from a three-week tour of Europe and the UK; I had a terrible case of sinusitis (are there good cases?); I was jet-lagged and I had to get up early to drive five hours to play this, the last 90 minutes in NYC rush hour traffic. I shared the bill with three other guitarists -- we each got 20 minutes. The three pieces I played are archived. I was dreading watching them, but hey, you'd never know how miserable I was!

    I'll just link to one clip -- the other two are there if you care to watch them.

    Whether you like my playing or not, I suspect you'll enjoy seeing my DV72 in action ~~
    Really enjoyed your music, and, of course, gazing at your DV-72...both a work of art!
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    That was rather enjoyable! Thanks for sharing.
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    Excellent Glenn.
    Thank you.

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    very lyrical and expressive! my, what lovely tones you bring out that gtr.
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    Wow! Your playing and that guitar are a great combination.

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